My Story

From the Collector’s View:

It began with a simple task of filing ads cut from magazines. I was helping my mentor Walter Farynk, work on his upcoming advertising project. My love affair began with seeing beautiful illustrations from the 1920 and 30’s. I was hooked.

Working as a professional automotive photographer. I was aware of the advertising community. I just didn’t realize the depth and history attached to it. I became curious. I wanted to learn more about what had taken place during the golden era of Detroit advertising.

The journey started over twenty years ago to capture the art work of the big art studio. I was very fortunate during my search to be aid by the old guard of artist who had work in the art studio.

They shared their knowledge, gave me direction, and encouragement along the way. One by one I began to find a number of piece of art work that represents the core of what Detroit automotive advertising represent.

Jim Secreto
The Collector

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